SPEECH formally known as Women Welfare Society, it was registered in 1991 with the Directorate of Social Welfare, Government of Punjab, Pakistan, under the voluntary Social Welfare Agencies (Registration and contract Ordinance XLVI of 1961). Recognized by National and International agencies including UNDP and Government of Pakistan. SPEECH is working from last 20 years and awarded as best NGO by Government of Pakistan. Speech programs focus on educational projects. The intentions behind these projects are to break the poverty cycle. SPEECH is sponsoring scholarships to hundreds of students every year ranging from basic education professional level courses. Scholarship amount goes to underprivileged students. We at Speech have the motive to educate the students to become professionals, so they can live in respectable way.

SPEECH aims to build effective learning environments that support the growth of children across the country. We believe education will prepare the children with full conscious of their rights and obligations so that they could live as adequate and participate citizens with dignity in the Society.

With the success in the field of education SPEECH has also capitalized on its dedication by supporting contingency bodies for Human Development in different fields. The main focus is on improving the overall status of women and children at Grass-root level in Pakistan.

It has six major programs, which are then subdivided in various projects.

1. Non-Formal Education Program.

Short-term teacher training program.
Refresher courses in collaboration with NEF, MCL, and private sector.
Curriculum Development.
Students/Parents Counseling.
Mobilization of community through Mother Committees.
2. Primary Health / Health Education.

3. Adult Literacy.

4. Income Generation Programs / Vocational Centers.

5. Computer Literacy.