Eradicate the poverty through college education with earning along with moral values to our talented and financially handicapped students who will up lift the living standards of their families to break their poverty cycle.

SPEECH Introduction

SPEECH formally known as Women Welfare Society, it was registered in 1992. Recognized by National and International agencies including UNDP and Government of Pakistan. To break the poverty cycle, Speech is sponsoring scholarship to hundreds of under privileged students every year since 1992, ranging from Basic education up till College higher education with the help of WISE Education Society, sister organization.

Why to establish SPEECH

Pakistan is facing challenges on multiple fronts and one of the biggest challenges affecting the large proportion of the population is poverty. According to latest World Bank estimates, Pakistan ranked most exposed to poverty risks among 43 countries. Its poverty rate jumped from 23.9% to 37.5% in three years.

Sadly in Pakistan technical and vocational education has not become a vital part of conventional education system. Why this is not happened because the private sector dominated conventional type of education, which is around on commercial model, producing students without inculcating market driven skills.

For this purpose, SPEECH not only highlighted the demand in the market but also develop a comprehensive well reputed skill based education plan for such deserving students who are talented and want to continue their studies to uplift their living standards with the help of WISE College (sister organization).


SPEECH Public Private Partnerships