Program -2: Skill Trainings with Employment & Entrepreneurship

This program is devised to directly impact poverty through specialized trainings to educated but unemployed poor youth.

WISE Institute of Employability Skills (WIES), provides Skill Trainings according to Job market demand and develops Entrepreneurial mind set, such students need to become bread earner on urgent basis. This program helps them getting jobs or self-businesses and that ultimately leads a family coming out of poverty, forever.

Types of Skill Courses Offered

  • Web Development
  • Graphic Designing
  • Computer Application
  • Computerized Accounting
  • Beautician
  • Domestic Tailoring
  • Sales Person

Eligible Students

  • Poor students and minimum matriculation qualification
  • Interested for empowerment by the skills.
  • In need of Job or willing for starting an entrepreneurship.

Impact of the Program

  • Educated Jobless Youth will get Skill Trainings and be able to enter in the Job market and can also start their own Business.
  • They will be capable enough to bear the burden of their families and able to hold the hand of at least one youngster of their society.
  • A continuous process will start, which will ultimately reduce the poverty level of our country.

Certifying Bodies

Why to Contribute for Entrepreneurs?

  • You are helping those Frustrated and Jobless skillful YOUTH, who are educated and want to establish their own Business.
  • Your contribution will change, Skillful YOUTH from Burden into an Asset.
  • You are saving a family from depression and anxiety of un-employment.
  • Poverty reduction is the outcome of your contribution.